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How To Use the Competitor Finder?

Competitor research is what you should always start with when entering any niche: the research will show what is already being done in the industry and will inspire you to invent something new.

The tool is designed to generate the seed list of your most successful competitors. It analyzes a number of related search results pages and finds the domains which were lucky enough to get ranked for a number of those related search queries.

So start by providing the list of the related keywords (one per line). Then specify the country (the tool is most precise for the US as our servers are located in the United States but you can still generate the seed list of your local competitors to start off). Then choose how many top results we need to analyze (from 10 to 50) and hit CHECK:

Searchs settings

The tool will search Google for the given phrases and find domains that were found in a number of different search results page. It will then generate the list of these domains and the number of "overlaps". For example, if you search for flooring and carpet, you will see that domain empiretoday.com is ranked for both of these searches. Thus there are 2 overlaps for this domain.

You thus get the list of strongest domains for a number of related keywords.

Then you can generate some basic stats for each of the domains or all of them: Alexa Rank, Google PR, backlinks (per Yahoo! SiteExplorer), domain age and number of pages returned for SITE: search in Google.

You can then click on DETAILS to see which pages from this domain were found and which Google ranking they currently have.


You can export the whole table to the CSV file to sort and filter the table and work further on the list.

After you have the list, here's what you can do: