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FAQ - WhoICompete.com

Why do I need to register to access the tool?

This way I hope to make the tool more secure and reliable as well as avoid the server overload.

How does the tool work?

The tool searches Google for the phrases you provide and find domains that were found in a number of different search results page. It will then generate the list of these domains and the number of "overlaps". For example, if you search for flooring and carpet, you will see that domain empiretoday.com can be seen for both of these searches. Thus there are 2 overlaps for this domain.

You can then click on DETAILS to see which pages from this domain were found and which Google ranking they currently have.

You thus get the list of strongest domains for a number of related keywords.

Then you can generate some basic stats for each of the domains or all of them: Alexa Rank, Google PR, backlinks (per Yahoo! SiteExplorer), domain age and numebr of pages returned for SITE: search in Google.

You can export the whole table to the CSV file to sort and filter the table and work further on the list.

Why do I need to pay for some options?

We need to process a huge amount information. So we charge only when you need to analyze a lot of information.

We are thus able to maintain and further develop the tool.

Where can I report bugs and/or suggest new features?

We have a dicussion forum (after logging in, look for Discussion link in the top right corner of the page). You are more than welcome to suggest features and report bugs there (as well as discuss various SEO issues).